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 Remocon Plus

Download the PC Application from attached file below !!!

"Remocon Plus" can be operated the *Movie & Music Players* in your computer by remote-control.

And also support *Powerpoint Presentation* by remote-control.

All-in-One Features

PowerPoint (Presentation)

GOM Player

POT Player

KM Player

TOK Player

Windows Media Player



GOM Audio


Powerpoint (Presentation)

Movie & Music Players

Powerpoint Run/Exit

Player Run/Exit

Slide Show


Show Stop


Previous Page


Next Page







Fast Forward



Volume Down



Volume Up


Full Screen
(Movie Only)

 PC Power Off

File Browser
(Movie Only)

※ How to Use

1. Download "PC Application" from attached file.
    Run "PC Application" on your computer.

2. Connect your phone via Wi-Fi and Run "Remocon Plus" on your phone.
    Set the IP Address at Menu > Setting.
    (Enter the IP Address of *Your Computer* marked red-circle above.)


3. Press "PC Connection" Button and connect the phone to your computer.
   The Color of "PC Connection" Button will be changed to bule color after connection

4. Enjoy the *Powerpoint Presentation & Movie & Music* by remote-control
   after connection successfully.






※ If the connection is failed continuously, you have to check
   the Windows Firewall.

[ Understanding Windows Firewall ]

On the Control Panel > Windows Security Center > Windows Firewall > [Exceptions] Tab,

1. Click [Add Port...] button.

2. Enter the name and port number.
   Name : Remocon Plus
   Port number : 7777

3. And then click [OK] button.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Have fun !


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